-Complete your assignment in a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document of 2-3 pages

-Complete your assignment in a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document of 2-3 pages. Use double line spacing, 11- or 12-point font, and standard margins.
-This assignment can be completed in the form of an essay, with your own opinions on the issue; combined with knowledge from class discussions and some basic online research.
Your grade will be based on two equal factors: 1) the viability of your opinion, and 2) spelling, grammar, and consistency.
-Select one of the topics below, and read the short Benton.org report that is given for that topic.
-Find at least two longer and more in-depth recent articles about the issue in question. [Hint: These can sometimes be found by clicking on links in the Benton reports.] The longer stories you find must be fully cited in your paper and should be used to back up your arguments.
-Start your paper with a short summary that describes the issue in detail.
-Address some or all of the following:
Identify the social problem, political controversy, and/or market failure that is at the root of the issue.
Why might the public, or a portion of the public, believe that there should be a governmental solution to the issue? Or, is there really a problem at all?
Is it practical or necessary for government to find a solution to the controversy or problem? If so, who in government would be able to offer a solution? Or, who/what outside of government could offer a solution?
Consider proposing your own solution, but be sure to discuss whether it would be practical or realistic.
Select one of the following topics for your paper:
Topic A: Universal Service and Broadband Access
Start with this recent story at Benton.org:
Democratic Senators Push FCC Chairman Pai to Reverse Lifeline Decision      
http://tinyurl.com/hstf7l2 (Links to an external site.)  
Topic B: Distracted Drivers
Start with this recent story at Benton.org:
Group Asks Feds to Pump Brakes on ‘Driver Mode’ for Phones
http://tinyurl.com/h8sw4ge (Links to an external site.)  
Topic C: Expensive Prison Phone Calls
Start with this recent story at Benton.org:
The Strange Case of Prison Phone Calls
http://tinyurl.com/jgp3v9g (Links to an external site.)


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