CompletetheOrganizational Behavior in the Workplaceworksheet. Clickthe Assig

Complete the Organizational Behavior in the Workplace worksheet.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
When completing the assignment please do the following:
Please write your assignment as an APA formatted paper (the link for a template is under materials). Do NOT turn in the worksheet.
Use a 12 point font, double space, include a title page with page numbers.
I do require citations and references for all papers in this class. The information you will need is in the Kinicki & Fugate text.
Direct quotations should be used sparingly when writing a paper. If a direct quotation is used, it should have “quotation marks” at the beginning and end and a citation with the author, year, and page/paragraph #. (Smith, 2003, p. 1). Every citation must have a reference listed to go with it.
Paraphrasing means taking someone else’s ideas and putting them in your own words. The originator of the ideas must be giving credit. To cite ideas that are paraphrased, use the author and the year of publication. (Smith, 2003). Every citation must have a reference listed to go with it.
Here is the correct formatting for the textbook (if you copy and paste it into your paper, make sure you change the font size to 12 point and the font style of your paper):
Kinicki, A. & Fugate, M. (2016) Organizational behavior: A practical problem solving Approach .New York:  McMillian


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