Construct a piece in the model of The New York Times 36 Hours features you’ve

Construct a piece in the model of The New York Times “36 Hours” features you’ve examined as part of the course readings. Your essay needs to be around 1200 words. 
You must write about 36 hours in the city of New Orleans, La;  Your own 36 Hours piece must closely resemble the models I’ve linked to in the readings for Essay 4. I’ve provided you with 30. You can access dozens more on the NYT website. Try to avoid reading a NYT 36 Hours piece for your own city; I will know if you pull from that.
You must cover 36 Hours in your city. You must be specific. You must use details that make your city come alive for readers. Recommend restaurants, off the beaten path excursions, must see destinations. Don’t be vague. This should take you some time because you’re going to have to go online and get the relevant historical information and practical information (hours, costs, etc) in order to make this ring true. Call the places and confirm if you’re unsure.  I’ve attached models, and the website has many, many more. Use them. don’t try to reinvent the wheel.
And don’t forget that these must showcase your own writing voice. They aren’t just facts. They’re lively guides of information that provide a mix of research, details, and stories to make a place look like somewhere someone else would want to spend some time. When I read your 36 Hours piece, I want to feel like it’s pretty close to something that could appear in this section of the NYT. (You don’t need to include photographs, but you do need the time/day headings.
Paper must be:
– Double-spaced with numbered pages                                                                                                        
– In Times New Roman 12-point font
– Title your paper, but do not make a separate title page. Keep your paper’s title in 12-
point Times New Roman, and center it before the paper’s body, but do not use the bold or italics function.
– Document your sources & use correct citation form (MLA format).             


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