Continueto use the organization and plan selected in Week 2 that your LT used f

Continue to use the organization and plan selected in Week 2 that your LT used for your LT Causal Chain Scorecard.
Training project is below:
To identify the causes of Uber driver dissatisfaction and make recommendations for changes to the driver training and development program that will attract and retain good drivers by improving their overall experience. The stakeholders include: Uber drivers (the end users of the training program), Uber management, Uber riders, and the project team.  
Focus on bullets below 600-700 words  for all.
The inefficiencies surrounding the project
Analyze the process to be used in the project to convert data to a monetary value.
Discuss how this information will be used.
Note:  If you use a chart, graph, etc., please ensure you add it as an Appendix after your paper, and then format it as per the APA Manual 6th Edition. Do not use a chart, graph, etc., in the body of the paper, as they are considered appendix material. You would then explain in detail the chart, graph, etc., within the body of the paper.
The paper must include references/sources to at least 3 and no more than 5 different scholarly references/sources. No more and no less…..


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