Create a business impact analysis onSanGrafixa video game design company. The

Create a business impact analysis on SanGrafix a video game design company. The BIA should include a descriptive list of the organization’s key business areas. The BIA helps to identify and prioritize critical IT systems and components. A template for developing the BIA is also provided to assist the user. This list should be in order of importance to the business and each item should include a brief description of the business process and main dependencies on systems, communications, personnel, and information/data.  Areas to be considered could include:
E-commerce processes
E-mail based communications
Other on-line real-time customer services
Production line
Production processes
Quality control mechanisms
Customer service handling
Maintenance and support services
Sales and sales administration
Finance and treasury
Research and development activities
Human resources management
Information technology services
Premises (Head Office and branches)
Marketing and public relations
Accounting and reporting
Strategic and business planning activities
Internal audit
Refer to the video.


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