Create aPowerPointpresentation based on a Virus Prevention document – Compile

Create a PowerPoint presentation based on a Virus Prevention document – “Compile a list of strategies for avoiding virus infections and incorporate this list into a document to be sent to all employees” that will be the subject of the presentation. The strategies should include things that employees can (and should) do to avoid viruses. For example, use caution when opening email attachments, awareness of phishing attempts, etc. Do not include the comparison of anti virus and firewall programs.
Include at least 6 slides.
Insert your name as a footer on each slide.
Use the “Wisp” theme for all slides.
Make sure that at least one of the slides includes at least two list levels (levels of indentation).
Include a speaker note on at least one slide (not an audio file).
Apply the “Shape” transition using “Diamond” with a duration of 3 seconds and advance the slides on a mouse click only. Apply these transition effects to all slides.
For the last slide include a title (apply the “Pulse” animation to the title) and a clip art image (apply the “Spin” animation to the clip art). Do not apply any animation effects to the other slides in the presentation.
Spell and grammar check the presentation.
Make sure the slides have a consistent look and feel. Follow the suggestions in the PACED document (I have attached the paced document below).


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