CS221 Data Structures Programming Assignment #4Problem StatementYou are to deve

CS221: Data Structures Programming Assignment #4Problem StatementYou are to develop a program to read Baseball player statistics from an input file. Each player should be stored in a Player object.This program builds on to the requirements for Program #2 and #3. Please see the earlier assignments for the definition of a Player Object. This will read in the same type of player data from an input file and write the results to the screenNew RequirementsYou are to implement our collection of baseball players as a binary tree, ordered by the player’s name. (Lastname first, then firstname, in the event of people with the same last name).Your Tree class must implement at least the following methods, and any supporting methods you need. Reminder: Because many tree operations are recursive using a node pointer to a root or subroot as input, many operations have a private version that is called with the correct pointer and a public version presented to the user who has no concept of the internal implementation of the tree. default constructor and destructor insert – to add a new player to the tree free – to clean up a tree and free all of the nodes in the tree count – to return a count of all players in the tree display – to display the player records, in appropriate order. updateAvg – to update a particular player’s batting average find – find a player by nameAs with the prior programs, you must write a main program to adequately test your methods.Additionally, prompt the user for the name of a player and a new batting average. Find that player in the tree and update his average to the new value. If the player is not found in the tree, indicate that to the user with a message. Prompt the user to perform this operation until the user is ready to quit the program.After the user is finished testing the search and replace for batting averages, print the contents of the tree to the screen in sorted order (ascending) and in reverse order (descending).Page 2 of 2Other Requirements: Please make sure that you create a Win32 Console Application in Visual Studio 2012 or 2015. Make sure you create an empty project, with no pre-compiled header. Make sure the first comment in your program indicates which version of Visual Studio yourproject works with. Split your program code files into the appropriate .cpp and .h files for each of your classes.(Exception – your NODE class can be defined in the same file as the PlayerList). Name your project Program4 so I can easily find it on your storage media.TURN IN:Please turn in a print out of each of your program files. Submit the electronic version of your project ona flash drive, or CD/DVD. Make sure your name and the name of the file is in the comments at the topof each program file.Please put your program and media in a clasp envelope. DO NOT FOLD your print out.Grading Requirements Your program must be well-commented. Comment all variables, functions and remember tohave a section of comments at the top of your program that includes your name, date, coursesection and a description of what your program does. Use good variable names. Use good and consistent naming conventions for class members. Use proper code indentation to make sure your program is easy to read and understand. You will receive no more than 20% credit if your program does not compile. You will receive at most 50% credit if your program does not meet the requirements of thisassignment.


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