Description Students must create a practical action research proposal using info

Students must create a practical action research proposal using information and data that they collect from a school or district they are familiar with. Proposal includes problem identification, research questions, literature review, data collection, data analysis, interpretation, and reporting. A proposed action plan and reflection concludes the benchmark assignment. Throughout this course, you will create an action research proposal. The action research proposal might be used at your school with permission from your school or organization to conduct your research.
Action Research Proposal Guidelines
Identify a research topic approved by your instructor as a basis for completing an action research proposal.
Submit a 6,000- to 7,750-word paper in APA style including proper citations and a minimum of 15 references. Refer to the instructions for Weeks 2–8 that follow in the next section.
Present a 20- to 30-minute Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes on the topics of the paper. The presentation must be developed to convince the audience of the action research proposal’s merits.
The proposal will be evaluated using a rubric. Specifics for the proposal include:
·         A title page and references page in APA format
·         Sources used dating no earlier than 10 years from the current year
·         Adherence to correct research documentation standards
o    No use of first person by author (“This writer/This researcher”)
o    No cites in text not on reference page(s)
o    No references not cited in text
o    No statements by the author not substantiated by research
o    Credit for text derived from existing research must be credited to the appropriate reference
·         Construct the proposal as an integrated product of all existing research. Summaries of individual referenced articles, one after another, will result in a poor, unprofessional proposal.
·         Produce a proposal that identifies a problem or question; incorporates, interweaves, and credits existing literature review research.
·         Only peer-reviewed professional journal articles may be used as primary references; no less than 15 references.
·         All proposal topics and changes of topic must be approved by your instructor.
·         Students are encouraged to seek instructor’s assistance in identifying an appropriate proposal topic and while working with action research proposal chapters.
APA format must be followed: type font no larger than 12 point, standard left and right, and top and bottom margins,with chapters outlined below and in the syllabus. Each of these chapters should include all subchapters (as necessary for the research style employed) discussed and demonstrated in class.
The proposal will consist of four chapters:
·         Chapter One, due Week Two
·         Chapter Two, due Week Five
·         Chapter Three, due Week Six
·         Chapter Four, due Week Seven
·         Chapter One through Four and a final presentation, due Week Eight
As you review the Action Research Proposal template, think about an issue you have observed in your work environment that might serve as the focus of your study. Develop your Microsoft® PowerPoint® using speaker notes for the four chapters each week of the course.


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