Directions Part 1 SelectONEcharacter fromMurder on the Orient Express Readse

Part 1
Select ONE character from Murder on the Orient Express
Read several different passages throughout the book that this particular character is in and determine the complexity, emotions and different sides of that character. Think about the different emotions, “faces” or facets of that character through the course of the novel.
Search through many different images on the web (Google Images, Yahoo Images or similar) to find facial expressions and/or other types of images (not facial – these could be abstract or seemingly unrelated images or something that evokes a certain mood that reminds you of the character). The image could depict the various emotions and/or traits that you believe to be part of that character.
Open a Word document
Choose 3 different images and insert them into a Word document. Label them with lower case letters, a, b, c …. Do NOT label the emotions or traits.Choose your 3 images carefully! All facets of your images are important: look at the color, texture, people, forms, words, patterns in it.
Write an explanatory paragraph for each image, explaining in detail why that image represents your character. Each paragraph should have at least 65-100 words.
You will have 200-300 words minimum for all 3 images & paragraphs.
Your task is to persuade your readers that the images you chose for the character do indeed represent representing one facet of that character—something that the character demonstrates at some point in the novel.
Describe your image carefully – and then explain why that image symbolizes your character.
Use at least one quotation from the novel per image to back up your choice.
**Please POST your 3 IMAGES and 3 EXPLANATIONS to the Assignment 6–Images and Explanation of Character discussion forum by Sunday 11:59pm
Hints for finding good images:
Type in an abstract term related to emotions into Google Images (, Yahoo images (, Microsoft Clip Art (, etc. such as: fear, elation, sadness, hope, love, etc., and look around at a lot of different images – go deep into the collection – click on page 8, for example, to see what comes up.
Type in a seemingly unrelated term to browse around and see what comes up: free, caged, hallucinate, sublime, realism, affect, stress, etc., anything you can think of. Browse around until you see something that you believe fits your chosen character.
Grading criteria:
I will grade on how well you understand your character through the images you choose. Also, the image must be described in detail and your analysis (explanation) of why the image fits the character must be well developed and clearly explained.
Worth a total of 25 points (8.33 points each)


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