Essay #2 is due at the end of this week. In your initial post this week, you sho

Essay #2 is due at the end of this week. In your initial post this week, you should provide your next draft of Essay #2. Then, respond in detail to the drafts of at least 2 other classmates, using the questions below for evaluating as your guide:
Which sentence states the main idea (thesis) of the essay? Please explain how it is or is not clear. Where is it placed, and is its placement appropriate? 
What additional details could be included to help you better understand the essay? What is missing or unclear?
Are the details covered in a logical sequence? Which ones, if any, seem out of place?
What part of the essay is most memorable? Why?
How do the transitions, such as “furthermore,” “for example,” and “next,” used to help the ideas in the paper flow logically? If they do not, or are missing, which ones would be useful or need to be changed?
How does the author provide the reader with a sense of completion at the end? If completion is missing, what suggestions do you have?
What kind of grammatical errors, if any, are evident in the essay?
What final suggestions do you have for the author?
Please use the questions above and answer each question for the drafts that you evaluate. This way, the writer will have thorough and helpful feedback for revision of the draft.
Information abou the for the essay and what it should be about. You are more than welcome to change it.
The Introduction Of Probation into the Justice System.
·         Probation
o   History of Probation/Introduction
o   Anticipation of program outcome
o   Alternative to probation
·         Parole
o   Effects on the justice system
o   Strategies put in place
o   Statistics
o   Recidivism
·         Corrections care and treatment Plan
o   Discuss role and responsibilities of corrections
o   Discuss role and responsibilities of probation/parole officers
o   Transitioning back into the community
·         Individual theories of Parole in the Justice system
o   Pros and cons to the program
o   Psychological effects on victims
o   Victims input
·          Future plans
o   Program continuance
o   New programs
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answer is ready essay in MLA format
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