Final Project Overview Forensics Report (This project is due at the end of week

Final Project Overview: Forensics Report (This project is due at the end of week 8)
Submit the Final Report for you Forensics Project here.
Your Final Report should be an MS Word document, at least six pages in length.
Your forensics report should be about a fictitious company going through any of the scenarios learned in this class.
Use hypothetical questions to guide and support your opinion. Hypothetical questions are based on factual evidence and should include only those facts supporting your opinion or conclusion. Remember that hypothetical questions can be abused and made so complex that the finder of fact (expert) might not be able to evaluate the answer.
Your report should include:
Table of contents
Body of report
When writing a report you should consider:
Communicative quality
Ideas and organization
Grammar and vocabulary
Punctuation and spelling
Your report organization is very important. You should lay out ideas in a logical order and build arguments piece by piece, grouping related ideas and sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into sections.
Pay attention to your writing style:
Use a natural language style
Avoid jargon, slang, and colloquial terms
Define technical terms
Avoid repetition and vague language
Be precise and specific
Use active rather than passive voice
Avoid presenting too many details and personal observations
Include signposts


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