Find a video from an agency or media website, YouTube, or other good source, of

Find a video from an agency or media website, YouTube, or other good source, of a formal press conference or news briefing regarding an emergency, disaster or crisis situation or event. This should be something substantive, and not simply a 5-second “soundbite” from a “talking head” interview on the 6 o’clock TV news. Preferably, this would involve some incident or event different than you personally examined for one of our earlier discussion forums (it’s OK if someone else discussed that event).  
The officials giving the press conference or briefing may represent federal, state, local or tribal government, an NGO or volunteer organization, a major hospital, a school, or an academic institution. There may be a single PIO or spokesperson, or several officials involved in the briefing (e.g., the mayor or governor, police chief or FBI agent, fire chief, emergency manager, etc.).
Considering the issues, challenges, tips, and guidelines for media dynamics covered in this session, provide a concise assessment or evaluation of that press conference or briefing. Be sure to identify several elements, aspects, or comments that were especially effective or “good,” and some that were not. Can you glean any best practices or lessons to be learned from this press conference or briefing about dealing with the media? Please also post the URL where you found the video so others can review it if they wish.
1 1/2 pages with 3 references or more, APA


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