First part Using the Internet or find an article that addresses

First part:
Using the Internet or find an article that addresses the role of white men and diversity. Summarize what the article says and state if you agree or disagree with its viewpoint.
Second part:
Go to: white-men-diversity and read the article. Now summarize the article in one paragraph and in a second paragraph state at least two of the “lessons learned” that you think should be implemented in the workplace and how would this occur.
third part:
Go to: six-paradoxes-women-leaders
and state what each of the six paradoxes mean for women in the workplace. Please be specific so that I know that you understand the paradox being discussed. Then read one of the following short articles and state how in one to two paragraphs it relates to the challenges women of color face in the workplace as leaders:
 black-women-leadership-study:
 speaking-up-as-a-woman-of-color-at-work:


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