First, select a platform, such as a website, a mobile app or kiosk app. Brainsto

First, select a platform, such as a website, a mobile app or kiosk app. Brainstorm one specific type of project that you might be interested in designing for this platform. The project must be an original or new project and not one that already exists or one you have prepared for another course. Describe your project idea in one paragraph.
Step 1
Consider the following questions when selecting your topic:
What topics am I most interested in?
Am I knowledgeable about the content for this type of project?
Is it an original idea or concept?
How will it stand out compared to other projects like it?
Write a paragraph describing your chosen topic and why you are interested in planning this project.
Step 2
Identify a competing product to your project concept.
Write an analysis of the competing product. Consider the following questions when completing your analysis. Feel free to structure your paper with the following headings:
Name and objective:State theactive URL of the website.
Appeal:First ask yourself whether or not the product is appealing. Why or why not?
Target audience:Who is the target audience for this website? Did the website succeed in reaching that audience?
Functionality: Does the functionality of the product serve its purpose? Is the product easy to interact with?
Consistencies in design: What are the consistencies in the design?
User interface: What are the navigation, content, and interface elements?
Conception of idea:How do you think the writer on this product first conceived the idea and began to develop it?
Writing: If you had to write the product design, what might its structure look like (i.e., production script, flow chart, or needs analysis)? In other words, what elements would you as the writer need to address to be successful in designing a concept such as this?
Success: Did the design team succeed in achieving the intended interface, interactivity, and content? Why or why not?
Explain how your product will be different from and will improve on the competing product.
Please follow the instructions and make sure you follow the guidlines and write the paper in the exact order above.


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