Focus on addressing the KEY QUESTION. Below, you will find the Key Question, fo

Focus on addressing the KEY QUESTION.  Below, you will find the Key Question, followed by additional questions.  The Key Question is the main thrust of the paper, however additional questions should also be addressed.  The goal is to research and critically analyze the topic (including financial analyses).  In addition to the topic, you should also present relevant background information I can understand the context.  The purpose of this project is to help develop critical thinking, analytical, oral presentation, and research skills. Please provide all appropriate citations and references for your research. The report should be submitted on Turnitin.
Key question: Why did GE decide to merge its operations with Baker Hughes?
·      Describe why GE is merging its operations rather than acquiring Baker Hughes or selling to Baker Hughes.
·      What does GE’s oil & gas business do?  What does Baker Hughes do?
·      Compare GE’s oil and gas business to that of competitors.  Evaluate the performance of these firms.
·      What is happening in the oil and gas industry?  How have these things affected GE’s decisions?
·      What influenced the timing of this deal?
·      What role have activist shareholders played in these two companies?
·      Why has GE decided to invest in oil and gas and not divest?
·      What are your recommendations to GE’s CEO?


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