Following are articles which may be suitable for this assignment. Bart,Shankar,

Following are articles which may be suitable for this assignment.
Bart, Shankar, Sultan, and Urban, 2005.pdf – Are the Drivers and Role of Online Trust the Same for All Web Sites and Consumers? A Large-Scale Exploratory Empirical Study
Berry, Carbone, and Haeckel, 2002.pdf – Managing the Total Customer Experience
Bugg Holloway and Beatty, 2008.pdf –  Satisfiers and Dissatisfiers in the Online Environment: A Critical Incident Assessment
Carbone and Haeckel, 1994.pdf –  Engineering Customer Experiences
Cyr 2008.pdf –  Modeling Web Site Design Across Cultures: Relationships to Trust, Satisfaction, and E-Loyalty
Donovan and Rossiter, 1982.pdf –  Store Atmosphere: An Environmental Psychology Approach
Eroglu, Machleit, and Davis, 2003.pdf –  Empirical Testing of a Model of Online Store Atmospherics and Shopper Responses
Fiore, Jin, and Kim, 2005.pdf –  For Fun and Profit: Hedonic Value from Image Interactivity and Responses Toward an Online Store
Ganguly, Dash, Cyr, and Head, 2010.pdf –  The effects of website design on purchase intention in online shopping: The mediating role of trust and the moderating role of culture
Hopkins, Grove et al., 2009.pdf –  Designing the e-Servicescape: Implications for Online Retailers
Luo, Ba, and Zhang, 2012.pdf – The effectiveness of online shopping characteristics and well-designed websites on satisfaction
McMillan and Hwang, 2002.pdf –  Measures of Perceived Interactivity: An Elaboration of the Role of Direction of Communication, User Control, and Time in Shaping Perceptions of Interactivity
Rose, Clark, Samouel, and Hair, 2012.pdf –  Online Customer Experience in e-Retailing: An empirical model of Antecedents and Outcomes
Schlosser, White, and Lloyd, 2006.pdf –  Converting Web Site Visitors into Buyers: How Web Site Investment Increases Consumer Trusting Beliefs and Online Purchase Intentions
Thirumalai and Sinha, 2011.pdf –  Customization of the online purchase process in electronic retailing and customer satisfaction: An online field study
Thongpanal and Ashraf, 2011.pdf –  Enhancing online performance through website content and personalization
van Noort, Voorveld , and van Reijmersdal, 2012.pdf –  Interactivity in Brand Web Sites: Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Responses Explained by Consumers’ Online Flow Experience
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