FOR REFERENCE, ONLY Topic 1 Fundraising event in New Orleans Topic 1Identify

Topic 1: Fundraising event in New Orleans
Topic 1: Identify the marketing tools (see attached below) needed to promote the following event:
A major celebrity is hosting a fundraising event for Haiti’s homeless population to be held in New Orleans 1 year from now. He is planning a sit-down dinner in the French Quarter for upwards of 1000 people. The event will cover 2 city blocks along Bourbon Street, which will be cordoned off for the event. Cocktails and music start at 6 p.m. and the dinner event continues until 2 a.m. A silent auction will be held and there have been sponsorships from a major cosmetics firm and a U.S. automobile company in support of this effort. There are several Hollywood celebrities who are ongoing supporters who will attend along with their friends. A number of Creole chefs are coming to provide food, and the entertainment is a Haitian band that plays regularly in New Orleans, a jazz band, a marimba band, and a steel band. Tickets start at $500 per ticket. The two corporate sponsors have hired your firm to market and promote this event.
What marketing tools will you use to promote this multi-cultural event?
For this event, I would start with company websites and billboards. Since the event is a year away, I want something with a long-lasting effect. I would also send newsletters out to different organizations to solicit donations or any service they could offer.
Who are your target customers?
I would look for major companies as my target customers. This would be a great community support type event for the organizations to reap benefits. My next targets would be more of the filthy rich to donate and buy the expensive meal.  Also, a silent auction has been planned for this event so we need more celebrities to attend.
What is the best approach in terms of marketing to these customers? Why?
I feel the best approach is to discuss all the benefits of attending. I would talk about the Haiti situation and how they desperately need our support.  I would then follow up with multiple cultural experiences available. Then discuss the chefs and possibly their resume’s.


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