For this assignment you are required to spend time playing ontwodifferent occa

For this assignment you are required to spend time playing on two different occasions (at least 15 minutes each). After you have spent your time playing, write about your experiences and perspectives on life after taking time to play. This assignment should be at least 2 full pages, double spaced in length (points will be deducted if this minimum length is not met). Your paper should be written in a question and answer format, meaning each section heading should be the question, and your answer written below each header. For this paper, you should answer the following three questions:
1.  What did you do to “play” (include what activities you did, how long you did them, who you did them with, etc.)? 
2.  How did this “play” meet at least one of the definitions of play: pleasurable and enjoyable, no extrinsic goals, spontaneous and voluntary, active engagement, and make-believe?
3.  Looking into the future, how can playing activities help you stay “balanced” as a parent with your children, or children around you?
In addition, you may answer additional questions in order to reach the required page limit. You may create your own questions or answer one or more of the following:
How did you feel about life responsibilities after you had taken time to play? 
Did taking time to play slow down the hectic pace of your life?
Did taking time to play affect your ability to get other things done in your life?
Grading Criteria:
Your grade for this assignment will be based on your ability to provide a college quality 2 page (minimum) paper addressing at least the three required questions (30 points). Points will be distributed for this assignment as follows:


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