For this assignment, you will write a 500-word (2pages) paper that addresses a

For this assignment, you will write a 500-word (2 pages) paper that addresses a controversy that arose over a proposed statue that would honor the Fire Department of New York.  Your paper will answer the questions: “What is the main problem in this controversy? How can this problem be solved?”
You will read “Statue or Statement? Racial Tensions in a 9/11 Memorial.” Then, based on what you read, you will identify what you see as the main problem in the controversy and propose a solution.
Your solution MUST involve representation. For example, you could propose a new statue. Or, you could argue for the creation of something that would address the concerns about the statue that was already proposed. For example, a public relations campaign, a commercial, some other piece of art to go with the statue, and so on. Be sure to clearly describe whatever it is that you propose.
I recommend that you read the article before class on Friday, September 9. On that date, I will dedicate some time to taking your questions about the article.
This paper is due Friday, February 24 at the time that class starts. You will upload your paper to Canvas.  Unless I have given you prior permission, I will not accept hard copies of this assignment. 
Late papers will be accepted with a penalty of 5 points after the deadline and for each day afterward, including weekends.
I have provided you with a rubric to give you some guidelines for what I expect. Please note that this is a holistic rubric. That means that it is not a strict point system. A ‘B’ paper may have traits from more than one category. For example, a student may do very well with focus and details but have problems with voice, and still end up with a B.
You must use a .doc or .docx file. Do not use a .pdf file.
This paper must be at least 400 words long. The paper must have your name, the name of the assignment (“Response Paper 1”) and your course number (for example: MAC 212B). Do not create a cover sheet.
Times New Roman or Arial font is preferred. Double-spacing is preferred.


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