For your second major essay, you will be completing a multi-genre paper (MGP) wi

For your second major essay, you will be completing a multi-genre paper (MGP) with a significant rhetorical analysis and creative element. You will be selecting a documentary film of at least 50 minutes in length to rhetorically analyze and creatively represent in a MGP. 
So what is an MGP? Well it is pretty much as it sounds: a collection of different genres of writing that all work to provide information about a particular topic. Your MPG will require a minimum of FIVE genres of writing, in addition to a cover page, introductory/Dear Reader page, works cited page, and a visual element that ties the entire paper together.  
Cover Page – 1 page
Your cover page should include a creative title for your entire MGP, as well as the title of the documentary you have chosen to study, your name, date, and class information. 
Introductory page/Dear Reader – 1 page
This is a ONE page, double-spaced introduction to your MGP. In this page you must identify which documentary you have chosen and why you have chosen it. Provide a brief summary of the documentary, and explain what genres you chose to explore in the MGP. 
In your MGP you will be required to write about your chosen documentary in FIVE genres. One genre will be the required Rhetorical Analysis. The other four genres you may choose for yourself. 
ONE – (Required) Rhetorical Analysis –  4-5 pages
A rhetorical analysis is the examination of an argument, or text (in this case a documentary) that analyzes the use of various rhetorical techniques used to make that argument. To effectively complete this analysis, you must watch the documentary you have chosen, making note of the use of ethos, pathos, and logos throughout. You must identify at least FIVE examples of these techniques being used throughout the documentary. You must specify how they are being used, and what effect they are aiming for. (For example, if a documentary contains loud, thunderous music, you can choose to address this, making note of which rhetorical technique this is, and the intended impact it is meant to have on the viewer). While you do not need to include a balance of all three techniques, each technique should be referenced in your analysis. (For example, you can include three pathos, one logos, and one ethos, if you wish). You make of course reference more than five. 
In addition to analyzing the documentary for ethos, pathos, and logos, you must find TWO examples of any of Burke’s four rhetorical concepts we have discussed in class (“Dramatistic vs. Scientistic,” “Selection, Deflection, and Reflection,” “Observations Implicit in Terms,” and/or “Continuity vs. Discontinuity”).  You must use two different terms in order for it to count. The examples you use must demonstrate your understanding of the concepts themselves, so please be sure to explain how the examples you have chosen accurately represent the concepts as we discussed them in class.    
FOUR – Remaining Genres – 4+ pages (each genre should be at least one page)
Choose at least FOUR of the following:
Journal entries                                        Newspaper articles                               Personal letters
Classified/Personal Ad                          Poem or Short Story                             Brochure
Short scene from a play/movie              Song lyrics                                           Flyer
Interview                                                Newsletter                                            Magazine article
Obituary                                                 Textbook article/entry                         Dialogue 
Character analysis or case study            Time line of events                              Restaurant Menu
How to Guide                                         Movie review                                      Eulogy
Comic strip/graphic novel excerpt         Letter to the editor
Or any other genres you might come up with!
Each genre should work to tell relay some aspect of the documentary that you found profound, meaningful, or effective. This is all up to your creative interpretation. Ideally, you will have fun with this, choosing genres that are comfortable or familiar to you, or stepping outside of the box and trying something brand new! The key is to be inventive and try out different forms of writing. Whichever genres you choose, please be sure to format the page according to that genre. (For example, if you decide to write a newspaper article, do your best to format the page to look like a newspaper!)
Visual Element
Finally, your MGP should include some sort of consistent visual element. This is a cohesive visual theme that will tie the entire paper together. This could include font/page design, photographs, original art, etc. This is up for your interpretation. Review the examples for more ideas.
Works Cited Page
In MLA format, your Works Cited page should list the documentary of your choice, as well as the Burke essay, and any additional sources you chose to bring into the MGP. Please note, you are NOT required to bring in additional sources.  


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