Future of Adult Learning The Discussions in this course include several componen

Future of Adult Learning
The Discussions in this course include several components. You may not be able to address all of these topics in a single post. You will need to plan to return to the Discussion several times during the week to weigh in on the topics. Please make sure you do so as part of both original posts as well as in replies to your classmates. Remember that your grade for the Discussion Board comprises both original postings and your contributions through replies. Both are great places to introduce new information, opinions, links, etc., and both are equally important to your grade.
The desire to make higher education accessible for more people has been greatly enhanced with the Internet. “…online learning is an undeniable trend that we must become adept at navigating both as learners and educators” (Merriam & Bierema, 2014, p. 195). The teaching and learning process for online adult learners and instructors presents numerous benefits and challenges for both the adult student and instructor.
Merriam, S. B., & Bierema, L. L. (2014). Adult Learning: Linking theory and practice . San Francisco, CA: Wiley.
In your  first post describe one challenge of online learning for adult students and discuss what activities, methods, and strategies might a student use to overcome your identified challenge.
In your second post, using the challenge identified in your first post discuss the following:
What activities, methods, and strategies might a student use to overcome your challenge?
Now that challenges have been identified, you will open a conversation or discussion with a peer who posted a different challenge. You will post the following:
Offer additional resolutions to their identified challenge. Your peer will offer additional insight to your identified challenge. Support your ideas with references from class materials or valid resources.
Finally, examine how an adult educator might assist adult students become better learners in this digital age.
What changes might an adult educator need to make to prepare for the increasing use of technology in adult education?
This assignment ask for email and person name.
My email is
My name is Carzetta Allen
Adult Learning Tools & Resources
In this Assignment, you will be contributing adult learning tools and resources to a Google form. Then, once you submit your resources, you will be permitted to view all of the resources. This will provide you with an excellent list of resources to use with your adult students.
Start this Assignment by going to the Google form to submit each of your three resources. The directions are provided within the Google form.
This is a pass/fail Assignment worth 25 points. Your instructor will view your resource entries via the Google results form. You will not be submitting any documents to a Dropbox for this Assignment.


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