Global Citizens Perspectives on a Single Cultural Diversity Topic INSTRUCTIONS

Global Citizens Perspectives on a Single Cultural Diversity Topic
INSTRUCTIONS: You are to select, read, summarize, “reflect on,” and discuss in class a global diversity issue that has been presented by bona fide U.S. and/or foreign news media. 
Select from ONE of the major diversity categories below: 
Ø  Gender
Ø  Sexuality
Ø  Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality
Ø  Social Class
Ø  Physical Abilities
Ø  Age and Age Cohorts
Ø  Religion and Spirituality
2. Identify, read, and summarize 5 news articles published from 2013-2017 illustrating the global scope of your selected diversity category. Specifically, you should have one article addressing your diversity category on each of these continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America (excluding the U.S.) and South America. For example, what is a current a sexuality issue “in the news” on each of these five continents?  You may use up to two articles posted in Canvas Modules. Use of the New York Times is highly recommended. This assignment excludes the use of independent blogs sites.
3.  Write a short Reflection paper on these articles.
4.  Discuss your completed assignment with a small group of your peers in class.
Part One–Article Summaries (1-2 pages): For each article you identify and read for this assignment, write a brief paragraph summary. Include full citations that minimally include:
article title
author (if available)
publication name or website name and web address
date published, volume/issue (if available), and/or date retrieved (if from a website)
Part Two–Written Reflection (1 page):   Reflect on how your selected diversity category was covered in the news globally via your articles.  What, if any, similarities did you note? How did the global coverage of your selected diversity category compare and contrast to the treatment of that diversity category in the United States?  What, if any, new insights about this diversity category did you learn?
Submit article summaries and reflection as one paper in Canvas upload site.  Use 12-inch font and double-space. Paper should not be less than 2 pages nor more than 3 pages.


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