global literacy This semester, we will be working on a term paper project. The

global literacy 
This semester, we will be working on a term paper project. The theme of this critical thinking-based essay will be “Global Literacy: The French Connection.” The purpose is for each student to identify, critically analyze and reflect upon three main aspects of global literacy within the context of our course content: (1) Global Heritage; (2) Global Diversity; and (3) Global Interdependence. This essay will focus mainly on our course materials – textbook, reader, videos, movies, etc. Each student will write a cohesive essay to be turned in on the last day of class, at the latest. Each paper must explore all 3 aspects of global literacy. The final draft must be 5-6 pages long and must be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font and double spaced. Since this is NOT a research paper, outside sources may NOT be used for this paper. Each person will be given 5 minutes to present their paper to the whole class during the final week of classes. The final essay will be turned in for grading immediately after in-class oral presentation on Wednesday, May 5. Final grade will be assessed as follows: critical thinking, content/ideas, grammar & spelling, logic, neatness & overall presentatio


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