going to uhttps//www.themuse.com/companies/vanguardand chose one company than

going to  uhttps://www.themuse.com/companies/vanguard and chose one company than answer this questions: 
uWhat does the organization communicate about itself and how does it communicate it?
uLook at the visuals and the words.    (Remember your persuasive, advertising techniques.)   
uEverything sends a message!
uFor each of the following, why do you think so?   What’s your evidence?
uWho is the “typical” employee?
uWhat is the expected background?  Gender?   Age?   Race?  Class?  Ethnicity? Personal style?
uImagine what a rite or ritual at this organization would be?   Who might be honored and why?   What would an annual event be? 
uHow would someone get promoted or earn a raise?   What would they have to do?
uWho would not fit in here?
uWould you be happy here? 
tha answer should be only one or two sentence.
than write one page cover letter to the company you chose to analyze.


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