Good afternoon Marsha, Great comment regarding where where many people are visi

Good afternoon Marsha,  Great comment regarding where where many people are visitors on social media.  There are many individual utilizing the internet and ads are always being place on these sites for many people to view and using healthcare ads to communication to the public is a good way to attract potential patients and consumers.  Many patients seek information through social media. As a result, some patients like to self-diagnose themselves and therefore a lack of knowledge may get in the way of a severity of an injury or illness. I have a relative who readily gives out medical information (home remedy) when you mentioned that you are sick; she acts as if MD is after her name. I have seen some patients walk into our physician office with an “arm full of medical literature” from the Internet. Is the Internet a good source for medical information? How do you know? How do you differentiate between what is reliable and unreliable?  
Dr. Louison


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