Guide A curriculum guide is a packet of practical ideas for teaching that is wri

A curriculum guide is a packet of practical ideas for teaching that is written in a convenient format as practical teaching notes for use by either you or your colleagues. It is a how-to guide that covers steps for achieving specific objectives, principles governing behavior, or descriptions of effective teaching strategies, interventions, and accommodations that a special educator can use in the classroom. Curriculum guides might include the title of the strategy or principle, explanation of its educational purpose (goal or objective), task analysis of teacher and student activities, and student assessment procedures.
Create curriculum guides for teaching reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics as a reference, in a format that will provide you and your professional colleagues with practical information necessary for effective teaching of students with ID. Ensure the curriculum guide is sufficiently accurate, thorough, and clear so the reader can implement the strategies. The guide should be usable by any of the teachers in the student’s school.
Each strategy should be referenced. There should be a minimum of three references for each subject
Academic Instruction for Students with Moderate and Severe Intellectual Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms
From Different to Differentiated: Using “Ecological Framework” to Support Personally Relevant Access to General Curriculum for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities.
Impact of Curriculum Modifications on Access to the General Education Curriculum for Students with Disabilities
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