Guided Guided ResponseIn addition to responding to your instructor’s comments

Guided Response: In addition to responding to your instructor’s comments and questions, respond to at least two of your peers. Ask questions to push your classmates to be more specific about their literacy planning. Compare your routines to theirs. How are they similar? How are they different?
My work : Routines for Literacy Learning ( so Compare my routines to theirs. How are they similar? How are they different?)
Broad Instructional Goals: 
Ø  To develop an interest and make sense of printed material
Ø  To learn letter to sound correspondence
Ø  To read words and identify sounds that makes words
Ø  Participate in a shared reading of the story, The Gingerbread Man
Four Block Lesson Plan:
I will also make the students to also read Mustapha, M., & Maldonado-Colon, E. (2011). Whole-to-part phonics instruction: Building on what children know to help them know more. The Reading Teacher, 41, 328–338 
Alexander, G.J. (2011). The Lesson Plan. Hoodoo Mysteries.
Bowen, W. G., & McPherson, M. S. (2016). Lesson Plan: An agenda for change in American higher education.
By: Ste By: Winscher
Goal: Make students more aware of word meaning.
Option 1: Select a grade level and create a Four Blocks lesson plan. Make sure to include all four blocks as identified on pp. 50-51. Design the Four Blocks around a specific text and/or topic.
The chart I have created is specified for my 4th grade English class particularly for my vocabulary/reading portion of class. The following are the 4 topics used in the four-block lesson plan:
Self‐selected reading.
Guided reading.
Working with words.
Four-block plan for 4th grade reading/vocabulary:
By: Theresa Johnson
Option 1 Select a grade level and create a Four Block Lesson Plan
Grade 3rd
The chart below is for my 3rd grade reading class for vocabulary, and sight words
1.       Guided reading (Teacher)
2.       Independent Reading
3.       Overview on vocabulary words
4.       Writing vocabulary words in a sentences
Four Block Lesson Plan


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