Have two small assignment due tonight. First assignment is respond back to 2 DQ

Have two small assignment due tonight. 
First assignment is respond back to 2 DQ’S. 
Here is the instructions for DQ’s.
1. You have made it through the first week of 106! I hope you are feeling more confident about the material. Please make sure to review the Turnitin submission directions and the LoudCloud tutorials. Last week we focused on argumentative strategies and the difference between claims, warrants and grounds. You are now ready to work on our first draft of the Definition essay.Please review the instructions I post on the main forum as well as the directions in the Peer review forum! As you review your classmate’s essay within each of your groups this week, keep in mind all that you have learned about writing an argumentative essay. Also, use the information on the worksheet to thoroughly review and critique the paper. Each of you have been assigned to a group forum where you will post. There is the Power Group, Motivation Group, and Together Group. You will only have access to your assigned group. Remember, you are completing this review to not only help your classmate, but to help guide yourself in your own essay. Good luck!
What enthymemes can you create for a Definition argument?
Definition argument: Is the sale of human organs unethical?
100 word or more word posts count toward participation credit!
2. When writing an essay, you always want to find topics to support your thesis. In some cases, it is a positive thing to show an opposing view to benefit yourself when creating the essay. In order to set-up an opposing view to benefit your own thesis you have to have a counter to the opposing view before completing the essay. You are not going to spend much attention on this because it will go against the point you are trying to make overall.   A positive reasoning behind using this particular technique is to show that whatever you are suggesting has a plan to counter the opposing view. By doing this you are able to showcase what your thesis shows was accomplished and is complete because it this exercise it has helped them to learn about themselves as well. This will not hinder your thesis, as long as you only spend a short amount of time on the opposing view. This is an ingenious to fully support your essay and its thesis. I have not decided what opposing points I will use in my essay.  
Need some to review this Essay and do the peer review worksheet.


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