Hello, Answer the following 8questions in greater than 200 but no more than 250

Answer the following 8 questions in greater than 200 but no more than 250 words each.  Your answer must also be cited in APA style where you obtained the reference to answer each question.  Here are the 8 questions:
1.  Explain the different stages of team development.
2.  Explain how a team set a team mission as well as establishing team ground rules.
3.  In teams, explain what it means to be an active listener by explaining what active listening is. 
4.  Explain how organizations build trust by using an internal audit to gain information in a business to succeed.
5.  Identify different nonverbal gesture clusters in nonverbal communication and how people can better understand these nonverbal clues.
6.  Explain what consensus building is.
7.  Explain strategies on how to overcome feelings of “hating to speak in public.”
8.  Explain why written communication skills are critical for successful accountants.
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