Hello, I need 5 Pages due in less than 8hrs. Please let me know if you can deliv

Hello, I need 5 Pages due in less than 8hrs. Please let me know if you can deliver. I have attached important information and a sample.
Module 5 Assignment- Symbolic Frame, Transformational and Servant Leadership
The assignment for this module provides an opportunity for you to analyze a scholarly article and apply it to the content of the symbolic frame, transformational leadership, or servant leadership.  Choose from the following list of topics, locate a peer-reviewed article from one of FHSU’s library databases surrounding one of these broad themes/theorists, and complete a Scholarly Journal Article Critique (SJAC), as described in the attached guidelines.
Symbolic Frame
Schein’s five primary mechanisms of organizational culture
Hofstede’s GLOBE studies
Mintzberg, Strategic Planning (as it relates to universities)
Cohen and March, symbolic roles
2.      Transformational Leadership
Bass & Avolio
Bennis and Nanus
Kouzes & Posner
Servant Leadership
Van Dierendonck
Liden Wayne, et. al’s Servant Leadership Questionnaire
Additional information
It was great being with you all on Monday.  I appreciated your presentations and hope you are learning more about how to evaluate scholarly research.  I also hope you are beginning to see the interconnections between many of the leadership theories/concepts and the four frames and how to apply those to student service organizations.
In the next module there is some information about implementing organizational change.  There is some information about Kotter’s model of change, and I wanted to provide some additional resources on that topic. I have attached two resources that I hope you find helpful: Change Management Models.pdf and http://c2l.mcnrc.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2013/06/LeadingChange_Kotter.pdf.  For those of you in positions of authority and/or who are leading change efforts in your organizations, his 8-step model of organizational change is very practical, and I highly recommend you use it.
Here is the article to be reviewed
Choudhary, A. I., Akhtar, S. A., & Zaheer, A. (2013). Impact of transformational and servant leadership on organizational performance: A comparative analysis. Journal of Business Ethics, 116(2), 433-440. Retrieved from: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ali_Choudhary2/publication/257541881_Impact_of_Transformational_and_Servant_Leadership_on_Organizational_Performance_A_Comparative_Analysis/links/0c96053be22851fcb3000000.pdf


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