Here are the guidlinesfor the proposal – You need to talk about four important

Here are the guidlines for the proposal –
You need to talk about four  important aspects in your proposal- (Remember,  this is just a rough framework of your ideas and I will you guide you through the process of developing it into final paper – so there is nothing to worry about!)
1) What is your interest? Talk about the research interest/theme/topic of the paper
2)What is your main purpose to undertake the study? Goal/aims
3) What re the research Questions?
4) Also make sure to attach references/bibliography (3-5 academic articles or books and then you can add news articles/weblinks   – For more instructions look into your syllabus. Follow APA format citation style.(NOTE – YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE GRADES WITHOUT CITATIONS)
FORMAT OF THE PROPOSAL  – You can write in paragraphs, bullet points – Single or double spaced.Font 12 ONE TO TWO PAGES.


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