Hey I would like to get 2 respone with 100 words each to these two discussions.

Hey I would like to get 2 respone with 100 words each to these two discussions.
The First one 
Michael Silano
There is no doubt that our world population is growing. We only have so much space and resources for everyone to tap into without draining the world of everything that makes it stay alive like water, oil, and land. I would not be in favor of the limitation of children for Americans. That is unconstitutional and unfair to the people who want to grow their families. I am not saying that everyone should go and have 19 kids but be reasonable and fair to the earth. The uproar we would have in this country would be record breaking if in the future someone makes a rule that families could only have one child. It wouldn’t be worth the fight to make such a limit for families. If it came to that point where the worlds population was pushing our world in danger I would be in favor of letting the weaker, sick, and life supported people pass away. I know that sounds cruel and mean but if you think about it in the terms of survival of the fittest it makes sense. Why should be limit people to children if there are people on this earth that should not be alive unless being supported by technology or medical support.
And here the second one
Yes, I do believe that government should attempt to control the population of any country where they think that the population is more than it should be. China’s one child policy is though not too successful but Chinese now have a track and is under control. With the ever growing world population, soon we will be out of room because the population need more home, more resources are going to be used and that slowly will look like a mess. This is why I would definitely say that all those governments where population is growing should take that 1 child policy from the Chinese government. These countries can be India, Japan and other such big population countries. The one child policy can control the growth of population and make it go little slower to steady.
Governments should attempt to control it through many ways, they can either apply the policy as China but the problem is countries who are having democracy as their political element would feel is harder to make this law of one-child. This is not something people would ever like in countries like India because of many reasons such as religious and social cultural issue in such countries.
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