Hi Can you put answer nextto thequestions down from 1 to 11, please? Please in

Can you put answer next to the questions down from 1 to 11, please?
Please include: any notes on the interview, the completed questions, including the individuals Name, Title, Credentials, Name of Organization, Contact information, and a brief summary of why you chose this person. Please only interview individuals who have earned a Baccalaureate degree or Higher and works within your interested field. I have included 10 questions I would like you to include and I ask that you come up with 10 questions of your own. Please type out all of the information in word included your notes and responses of the individual. The questions I ask you to include are the following:
1. Describe the main responsibilities of your position.
2. Describe your typical workday.
3. Tell me about the most helpful training and education that you have had to prepare yourself for this position.
4. What is the most satisfying aspect about your job and why?
5. What is the least Satisfying aspect about your job and why?
6. How did you decide to pursue this field?
7. What Skills and personal qualities do you think are important to be successful in this field?
8. What are the opportunities for promotion or advancement?
9. Is there extra training, certificates, education needed for these opportunities?
10. Did I make a good first impression?
11. Please ensure that they get a copy of your cover letter and ask for feedback
( my cover letter is down)
Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m interested in the position with the position being provided by XYZ bank and believe that my education background and past experience are best suited for this job.
During my working period in the Saudi British Bank I recognized my interests in public relations and marketing. The position that I was previously in was that of Customer Care Service where is used to deal with the queries that the customers put forward. This was whether they were satisfied with the services offered at the back and whether they were not satisfied and wanted further advice. I was able to use my effective communication skills and experience in marketing to assist the bank in realizing its potential and promote their goal. I became a valuable asset for the company due to my skills and commitment to my work.
I believe that the experience that I have in marketing and personal skills make me suitable and the best candidate for the position that the bank is offering. I am diligent and very passionate about the work that I have been assigned to do. I will be a very valuable skill in the bank and will use it as an opportunity so that I will be able to develop my marketing skills and those of the company.
Thank you very much for considering the application I gave out for the candidacy of the job. I will follow up in a week to confirm that all the necessary documents that I had given out were received. You can also contact me through the following email for any questions or any problems and notifications. The email is
Best regards,


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