Hi Genia,Thank you for your post. I appreciate your comments on Lordosis. You st

Hi Genia,Thank you for your post. I appreciate your comments on Lordosis. You stated, “Mr. Blue, now that you understand the causes of lordosis we can now discuss how it is prevented and reversed. Lengthening and making the muscles that create anterior pelvic twist by exercising appropriately can help rectify lordosis problem. You also have strengthened and shorten posterior pelvic muscles and practice learning to control the normal position of the pelvis.” Lordosis is a common condition among many people especially women who have been pregnant. The weight of the fetus can cause an increased curvature of the spine as the pelvis shifts anteriorly.  Individuals should have an even distribution of weight on each leg and the “pelvis should remain level from side to side,” (Lippert, 2011, p. 330). However, females who are pregnant can see an increase in lordosis of up to 60% by the end of their pregnancy (Lavoie, 2007).  While this lordosis does improve following delivery, some remains post -partum.  Having 4 children myself, While I am standing upright, I feel that I am in a constant position of lordosis. What other conditions may cause lordosis of the spine?
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Lippert, L . (2011). Clinical kinesiology and anatomy (5th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Company.


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