Hi I have Homework in Arena simulation I will need help message me System Des

Hi I have Homework in Arena simulation 
I will need help message  me 
System Description
The passengers arrive at an airport terminal in an exponential distribution with mean 1.5 minutes, with the first passenger arriving at time 0. Travel time between the entrance and the check in counters is distributed uniformly between 1 and 3 minutes. All passengers queue in line to be serviced by one of 3 check in servers. When being serviced the passengers follow one of two possible service times (50% of each type). One is a uniform time between 2 and 3 minutes and the other follows a triangular distribution with minimum 4, most likely 6 and maximum 10 minutes. After being checked in passengers take an average of 5 minutes to arrive at the security lines. At the security lines passengers could queue in one of two possible lines. The first is the pre-check line (25% of passengers go to this line), while the remaining 75% go to the regular line. The security check at the pre-check security line follows an exponential distribution with mean 2.5 minutes to go through. The regular security line follows a uniform distribution with minimum of 4 minutes and maximum of 9 minutes.
Identify the main entity in this system and its main attributes
Identify the processes and their attributes
Create a simulation model to simulate the passengers flow for a period of 10 hours.
Note down the following numbers (in this document):
Total number of entities in:
Total number of entities out:
WIP average:
WIP Minimum:
WIP Maximum:
Average number waiting in Check in queue:
Average number waiting in pre check security line queue:
Average number waiting in regular security line queue:


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