Individual Research Topic Outline Take an existing computer based item that you

Individual Research Topic Outline:
Take an existing computer based item that you use often (can be a website, data entry system, electronic item, etc.) and evaluate, research, and access it according to the exercises/discussions we will complete in class.  Create suggestions on how to make the “system” better.  Indicate the current flaws, discuss why, and create a solution.
Below is the basic outline you should follow.  See APA format using subsections and Manuscripts – Publication Manual  6th Edition (page 25)
Abstract -5-6 sentence paragraph giving a brief overview of your paper.  (Create this last)
Introduction – Give background on your topic.  Describe it in a sense of who, where, what, when, and how 
Method – Describe in detail how the study was conducted.
Anatomy/Description – Identify the elements of the system: input, output, and any other anatomy that help describe the system/item.
Issues/Flaws – Indicate the current flaws and discuss why they are flaws.
Paradigms – Identify past paradigms related to your items that will help with your solution.
Discussion – Describe your solution to the problem and state why.  Include in the discussion the identification of stakeholders. The last paragraph should be your conclusion.
References – A minimum of 5 professional level references
Appendices – May include images of your “system/product”


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