INSTRUCTIONS1 Select two business processes&nbspin which the company UNITRENDS util

Select two business processes in which the company UNITRENDS utilize and then perform an analysis on each.
Paper must be at full 2 length pages address the following:
Option 1) create an ‘as-is’ and a ‘to-be’ analysis of each process
Option 2) perform a business process reengineering analysis on each process
Option 3) perform one ‘as-is/ to-be” and one reengineering
Note:  Do NOT use Wikipedia! Be sure to document the steps of the process, create a visual image (flow chart or mapping) and describe the analysis process in detail.
DO NOT OMITT creating a FLOW CHART to demonstrate the procesess!!!
Include a title page and 3-4 references. 
Due NLT Monday September 19, 2016 before 8 pm eastern standard time.
*Go to to gain insight on the company and references from Unitrend’s website


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