Introduction to Management Accounting Assignment Required 1. Conduct some resea

Introduction to Management Accounting Assignment
1. Conduct some research to explain the value of cost classifications for Mal Ltd. and how
this may assist Mr and Mrs Long in improving their decision-making processes.
2. Conduct some research into costing techniques that Mal Ltd. might find useful. Based
on this research and using the detail in the case, choose a specific technique
(or set of techniques) that you believe would be most suitable. Describe specifically
how your chosen technique(s) could be used by providing tangible examples of how
they would operate within Mal Ltd. It should be clear from these examples how Mal
would determine a product cost for their products. Also, briefly describe why you
consider your chosen technique(s) to be superior to other techniques.
(Please note: you are not required to actually calculate any costs here, just outline
how costing could be done differently. Therefore, you may wish to provide a table or
diagram outlining the operation of your proposed costing technique(s).
3. Using the detail in the case, describe how your chosen method of calculating product
cost will be beneficial within Mal Ltd. and have relevance to management.


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