Let’s talk about the case you just completed–the Pfizer case.&nbsp Questions I’m in

Let’s talk about the case you just completed–the Pfizer case.  Questions I’m interested in discussing are:
–Why has the pharmaceutical industry been so successful historically?
–What is your assessment of the pharmaceutical industry at the time of the case?  How is competition changing?  What factors are driving the changes?
–What will competition in pharmaceuticals look like in 10 years?
–What is your assessment of Pfizer’s position in the industry?  What are the keys to success in the industry?
–What recommendations would you make to Kindler?
I don’t expect you to answer all these questions.  Pick a couple and offer your thoughts and ideas.  I realize you probably answered all these questions in your case analysis, but don’t cut and paste from your paper or post your entire paper   Rather, offer brief highlights and thoughts in your own words.  What I’m really looking for is your discussion with each other.  I want you to read other answers and offer your opinions on a few of them.  
(500-600 words,  3 citations)


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