MGT 4380&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspDISS&nbsp 1 Discussion board activities will be available for each l

MGT 4380        DISS  1
Discussion board activities will be available for each learning module. Students are encouraged to participate but there are no specific requirements for each week’s participation. Students may provide a main post or respond to other students’ main posts. The participation should be as substantive as each student prefers. The purpose of the discussion board is to 1) ensure students are logging in and participating each week and 2)provide students an opportunity to learn from each other to the degree that each student prefers.
Instructions for Module 1 Discussion Board
Complete the Conflict Skills Inventory on p. 8 of your textbook. Complete the Self-Reflection assignment on pg. 397 of your textbook. Report the results of your inventories. What conflict management style did the inventory associate you with? What items in the Self-Reflection assignment did you mark a little bit or not really?
Think about a current or previous problem or conflict in your work environment. Which of the five conflict styles best describes your approach to that conflict? Does this match your results to the Conflict Skills Inventory? Why or why not? Which style best describes the style(s) used by others in the conflict? Was the conflict or problem successfully resolved? Why or why not?


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