Need tomorrow, 8pm EST. Please read requirements. I have attached the data. Dow

Need tomorrow, 8pm EST.
Please read requirements. I have attached the data. 
Download “Population Historical” data from the government website.
Select the data for each continent and their populations and group together at the top of the spreadsheet.  Use only population data from the last 10 years.
Create an Area Chart in Excel with this data having all continents as data series, and the Years as X-Axis. (1 hour for a, b, c).
Create narratives based on the Excel Area Chartto discuss the following in a minimum of 1,400 words:
Interpret the historical trend in increase/decrease of population per continent.
Formulate a prediction on how the population would vary in the next decade. How did you arrive at this conclusion?
Investigate how Excel creates a forecast. Explain the steps involved.
Convert your area chart into a line chart in Excel, and add forecasted values. Include a screenshot in your paper.
Compare the forecasted output that Excel has provided with the conclusions you have arrived at in regards to the trend in the increase/decrease of population.
Recommend other Excel data analysis properties or chart types that could be used to demonstrate your data findings.
Format assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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