Nonverbal Communication Application Essay 3 Nonverbal Communication and Relatio

Nonverbal Communication Application Essay 3: Nonverbal Communication and Relationships
Your third, and final, application essay is designed to increase your understanding of nonverbal communication behaviors in relationships. For this essay, you should choose a real relationship in your life and evaluate the nonverbal communication behaviors using your textbook (Chapters 12, 13, & 14).
You can choose any one of the relationships below: 1. Female-Male Relationship – may be platonic or romantic.
2. Supervisor-Employee Relationship – can be for a current or previous job.
3. Teacher-Student Relationship – must be a face-to-face relationship.
To complete this assignment, you should write a 2 – 3 page essay addressing the questions below. You will be evaluated on your understanding of course material, your reasoning and synthesis of ideas, and your writing style including grammar and mechanics. All writing assignments should be double-spaced with 1” margins and 12-point font.
Assignment Requirements: Using your experience and the textbook, answer the following questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.
1. How would you describe your relationship with the other person?
2. What role does nonverbal communication play in the type relationship you chose? Be specific.
3. How do the categories of nonverbal communication behavior differ between the members of the relationship? Give specific examples of behaviors you experience during interactions with the other person. a. Physical Appearance b. Gesture and Body Movement c. Face and Eye Behavior d. Vocal Behavior e. Personal Space f. Touch g. Scent / Smell h. Time
4. Do the nonverbal communication behavior differences you identified above confirm or contradict the description of the relationship in the book? Why or why not?
5. How does immediacy affect the type of relationship you chose? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of nonverbal immediacy.


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