Note I need 250 words answer and 2-3 credible references for the discussion bel

Note: I need 250 words answer and 2-3 credible references for the discussion below. Must address the discussion question properly. Must provide 100% original answers.
The legislature of Narnia has proposed the following criminal statutes: 
1)  anyone who is within 30 yards of a public event or government building and conceals his or her identity by the means of a robe, hood, mask, or other disguise will be subject to punishment of 6 months to 2 years of imprisonment; and
2) anyone who disrupts a political event by a) making rude or loud noises or comments or b) holding signs that are objectionable may be punished by fine or up to 5 years of imprisonment.
The proposed legislation does not include further definitions of the term in the statutes.  Drawing on the kinds of analysis in Chapter 12 of statutes, what kinds of constitutional challenges might be raised against these statutes if they are left as is?  Do you have suggestions regarding if/whether these statutes can be altered in order to address those challenges?
NOTE: A repeated theme in chapter 12 is that the way that some of these “public decency” kinds of statutes are drafted can sometimes run into challenges, such as ‘void for vagueness’, being too broad for the purpose that they’re meant to accomplish, or being too restrictive on free speech rights.  Those are the kinds of issues, among others, that students should consider when discussing this week’s topic.


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