Note I need 300 words answer and 2-3 credible references for the discussion bel

Note: I need 300 words answer and 2-3 credible references for the discussion below. Must address the discussion question properly. Must provide 100% original answers.
Discussion Assignment:
Read carefully the scenario below, and answer the following discussion question in 300 words. You need to use State of New York of Statues for this assignment.
Al, Peggy, Bud and Kelly are friends who have dinner together one night.  Peggy works for a security company and says her company has the local natural history museum as a client and that a large gift of diamonds and precious jewels that have just arrived for a new exhibit.  Al has a city job that gives him access to building plans, and he says that he thinks it would be easy to get the museum’s floor plans to also help to steal the jewels.  The friends start thinking seriously about it and make an agreement to try to steal the jewels.  During the week, Al is able to get the building plans and passes them along to the group.  Peggy also gets a security code to get into the building.  The friends all agree on a plan to take the jewels at night on April 24.  However, Al gets cold feet during the day on April 24 and simply doesn’t show up that night, because he no longer wants to take part.  Bud also has second thoughts and makes a call to the police that night to tip them off.  Peggy and Kelly show up at the museum – Peggy tries to enter the security code to the museum, but it doesn’t work and then, she hears police sirens and tries to run away.  Kelly, however, had known from the building plans she could squeeze in a window to get inside the museum and had been putting some jewels in a bag when the police arrive.  The police arrest Kelly and Peggy, who then tell them about Al and Bud’s involvement in planning the crime.
Discuss how criminal conspiracy and/or attempt charges might apply to Al, Peggy, Bud and Kelly individually – look up the criminal conspiracy and attempt statutes of a specific state and apply those to this scenario.  


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