Now that we have reached the end of the course,take a moment to reflect back on

Now that we have reached the end of the course, take a moment to reflect back on what you have experienced.
1.  What are the most significant items that you have learned from this course?
2.  Were there any eye-openers that may have changed any of your opinions that you held prior to taking this course?
3.  How do you feel about the criminal justice “system” now, as compared to how you felt at the beginning of the course?
4.  Do you feel that it is really a “system”?
5.  If you had the authority and means what changes would you make in the criminal justice system?
6.  What are the three entities in the criminal justice system?  Name each.  Describe each.  Explain each.
7.  Which country has the lowest crime rate, and why?  Explain in details.
Your Final Reflection Journal  must be about 3 pages in length or more.  You may use First Person/Third Person.  You may use any format you wish.  You may also use references and in-text citations.


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