Now this as if you attended the event, write an evaluation of the event planning

Now this as if you attended the event, write an evaluation of the event planning process and the core business practices associated with executing the event.
It needs to be 750-1,000 word written evaluation of the event. You will compile your stakeholder (attached document) interview information, event artifacts, and observations into a written report that summarizes the (AAU Basketball Tournament) event, assesses event planning effectiveness, and offers feedback and suggestions for enhancing the event in the future. Address the following in your evaluation.
Explain the role that core business practices played in the planning and execution of the event. Use stakeholder interview feedback (attatched) and your own observations related to event promotion, organization, and execution to discuss how well the event coordinator met the event objectives. Cite specific event artifacts, data, and examples in your analysis.
As you think about the execution of the event and the planning skills that were utilized, how effective was the event planner in executing the event? Identify specific strengths and provide suggestions for ways the event could be enhanced in the future. Identify the most important lessons you learned from observing the event planning process and execution. 
I will include the documents to describe the planned event and you can write the evaluation from the prospective of the planning because the event has not taking placed. It is still in the planning and preparation so write the evealuation of seeing the development of the event and how you think it will look.
Prepare this assignment according to APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


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