Only Bid if youOkay with my price Instructions A. Identify three ways in which

Only Bid if youOkay with my price
Instructions: A. Identify three ways in which the government intervenes in the food and water systems. Examples are listed below.B. Illustrate government action in those three areas with reference to two articles per government role (total of six articles, two per role).Read articles from the time period after the publication of our main texts, 2013 or later.The articles should be from conventional media sources (newspapers, magazines, TV or Radio, on-line or on paper). Press releases from government agencies or interest groups can also count. Examples of Possible government roles:- advocate for or against specific foods or kinds of foods- prohibition of some kind- regulator of quality or identity standards- health and safety regulator- as actor in international trade (tariffs or quotas)- some other role that you can define for yourselfThen for each government role, present each of the two examples from your articles, describing what this is about, what was done, who benefited and who lost.Conclude the paper with your reflections on the role of government and/or the political arena in which this all takes place, drawing on the class readings.Outline:I. IntroII. A. Government role 1- intro1. Example 12. Example 2    B. Government role 2- intro1. Example 12. Example 2   C. Government role 3- intro1. Example 12. Example 2III. Conclusionplease dont plagiarism , and careful with the grammar  and citationNumber of Pages: 7 Pages


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