Operational Platform Preferences.Please respond to the following Let’s discu

“Operational Platform Preferences.” Please respond to the following:
Let’s discuss the topic of industry standard operational platforms, PC versus MAC, Linux versus Windows, and lastly Oracle versus SQL Server. It’s common for many individuals to strongly prefer one over the other as it relates to their chosen platform. When working in the IT field, you’ll be trained on various operating systems. In addition to that, you are free to specialize in a particular platform; such as Windows and PC’s or MAC’s and Mac OS’s. 
Discuss which operating system (s) you’re familiar with. Are you open to exploring the other system for which you’re less familiar with? What have you found to be the most challenging to learn? What advice can you offer to support someone who is new to your favorite platform based on what you have learned this week and your experience.
“Computer Shopping”  Please respond to the following:
Browse the internet for websites that sell computers, such as; amazon.com, newegg.com, or tigerdirect.com, or any other sites.
o    Choose one computer of interest to you and review the product description and features list.
o    Post the sales web link to your chosen computer.
o    List all of the external ports located on the computer and describe their functionality.
o    Discuss whether or not you think this computer would meet your needs. What cool devices would you consider attaching externally and what purpose would you use them for? How would these peripherals be helpful to you when you get on the job?
“Remoting In”  Please respond to the following:
·         One of the newest and most useful features built into the Windows Platform is the ability to “remote in” to a computer. Previously, virtual remote access was only granted when using third-party software.
·         Option 1: In a few sentences, discuss a situation in which if you’d had this software previously installed on your system, where this feature would have come in handy. Imagine you’re on the job and a client who resides in the South Pole is having a technical issue, how might you use this feature to assist them?
·         Option 2: Discuss the importance of being careful with the “remote in” ability. Based on your learning this week, what kind of activities should be implemented if an unauthorized person gains access to a computer without your permission? 


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