Over the past two years,a busy family practice has recruited three new physicia

Over the past two years, a busy family practice has recruited three new physicians who have an excellent reputation in the community, the practice continues to grow, and the volume of telephone calls has increased.  Patients have started complaining about the constant busy signals they receive and the number of times they are placed on hold.  Frustration continues to increase for the patients,staff, and physicians.  The telephone system was upgraded five years ago.  Features of the present system that the staff uses include calls on hold, call transfer, and intercom paging.  The front desk has three telephones for five staff members.  the nursing staff must use the telephone in the laboratory.  Business office personnel feel they could use another telephone, and the physicians are worried about the increasing level of patient complaints. 
Case Discussion Questions:
1. What steps should be taken to identify specific problems in this practice’s telephone system?
2. What recommendations should be made for a more effective and efficient system?


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