PART A Create PowerPoints to answer this questions Discuss R, x ?, p, and c cont

Create PowerPoints to answer this questions
Discuss R, x ?, p, and c control charts. How to analyze and measure variation among manufactured items using control charts.
Read Sections 18.1 and 18.3 in Ch. 18 of Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making.!/4/2/2/[email protected]:0
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Part B
Assignment Steps 
Resources: Microsoft Excel®, Signature Assignment Databases, Signature Assignment Options, Part 3: Inferential Statistics
Scenario: Upon successful completion of the MBA program, say you work in the analytics department for a consulting company. Your assignment is to analyze the following database:
Consumer Food
Select one of the databases based on the information in the Signature Assignment Options. 
Provide a 400- 500 word detailed, statistical report including the following:
Explain the context of the case
Provide a research foundation for the topic
Present graphs
Explain outliers
Prepare calculations
Conduct hypotheses tests
Discuss inferences you have made from the results 
This assignment is broken down into four parts:
Part 1 – Preliminary Analysis (3-4 paragraphs)
Generally, as a statistics consultant, you will be given a problem and data. At times, you may have to gather additional data. For this assignment, assume all the data is already gathered for you.
State the objective:
What are the questions you are trying to address?
Describe the population in the study clearly and in sufficient detail:
What is the sample?
Discuss the types of data and variables:
Are the data quantitative or qualitative?
What are levels of measurement for the data? 
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